The brick is the only appropriate NC State core brand logo. Its directness, hard edges and unadorned type fit who we are: We are purposeful. We are modern. We are NC State.

The Brick

The brick is the only NC State logo to use for all core brand communications. The brick is singular, but it works in a range of different situations.




There are three configurations of the brick: 4x1, 2x2 and 2x1. Use the appropriate configuration for your project.




The mark can also appear as a stand-alone logotype.

Photo of 2x1 brick on website masthead.

2x1 Brick. You are allowed to put type closer to core logos in Web banners than in other mediums. This makes sense because users might land on a subpage of your site without navigating through the parent page, and we always want our audiences to know that the page they’re on belongs to NC State. The logo featured here is the 2x1 brick.

Photo of 2x2 brick in digital ad.

2x2 Brick. The Jenkins MBA program is a named entity. Their logo uses the same conventions as other core brand extensions. This is the 2x2 brick.

Photo of 4x1 brick in print brochure.

4x1 Brick. You can typically choose where to place the logo, but it must always be placed prominently. For print pieces it needs be on the front cover whenever possible and on the back otherwise. Minimum logo sizes are created for very small mediums, so use a larger one for pieces bigger than a business card. The 4x1 brick is used here.

The Brick Guidelines

The logo must hold a prominent position on every external communication. It’s the designer’s decision where that position is.

Clear space. Don’t crowd the logo. When using it, measure the height of the letter N in NC State. Then double that size. That’s how far design elements, type and photos should be from the logo.

Minimum size. Use the appropriate size in all media, and remember to scale the logo proportionately. In print communications, use vector-based brick logos for highest image resolution.

Red is the preferred color for the brick, but black is acceptable.

The logotype can only be red, white or black.

Re-creation of the logo

The logo should never be recreated.

Logo with additional elements added

Never add elements to the logo.

Logo with transparent type

Logotype can never be transparent.

Disproportionate logo

The proportions of the logo must not be altered.

Unit Logos

The brick is the logo of NC State. Colleges, departments, named entities and centers and institutes are subject to the following logo guidelines.

Photo of magazine with Poole College of Management logo

College Logos. University Communications will provide logos to all colleges. College logos can appear in any one of the provided configurations, at each college’s discretion. College logos are subject to the same design rules as the core logo.

Photo of departmental logo on print

Departmental Logos. Each college will determine whether departments use the core NC State logo or the college’s logo. Departments may not create or use departmental logos, with the exception of named departments as approved by University Communications. Department names should appear as type, separate from the brick or college logo. The logo and department name should only form a single unit on Web banners and small collateral items.

Poole College of Management building front

Named entities subject to POL 03.00.02 can request logos from University Communications.

Institute for Emerging Issues website on iPad

Centers and Institutes. University Communications will consider designating centers and institutes as aligned brands and therefore exempt from core logo regulations on a case-by-case basis. Aligned brands have separate regulations. Logo usage standards for centers and institutes are based on funding sources and grant guidelines. If a center or institute receives sole or primary funding from the university, it must follow university logo regulations.

Other NC State Marks

The block S and the chancellor’s seal have deep roots in NC State history and tradition. They’re only appropriate under certain circumstances.

NC State block S logo

The block S is reserved for student, alumni, spirit and athletics communications, as well as for recreation and on-campus wayfinding. The logo should not represent academic units, initiatives or fundraisers. With approval from the university architect, the block S can also reinforce pride in place in permanent physical signage on campus.

The Chancellor's seal

The chancellor’s seal appears only on chancellor’s office communications, graduation materials, official university certificates and awards. A commercial version is available to vendors. It should not appear as a graphic element and is subject to the same guidelines as the formal seal for internal promotional usage.

Downloadable Logos

These files are font-independent. The .png files of the NC State brick for Web uses are available in several sizes. The .eps files of have been created as line-art vector files and are the only logos that should ever be used for print because vector files will print cleanly at any size. The .jpg logos should only be used for PowerPoint or Microsoft Office documents. You can download single logos of each filetype from the downloads page.