Color is one of the most recognizable elements of our brand. By extracting hues from NC State’s history and from the people, places and things on our modern campus, we’ve created a large palette that resonates visually and reflects exactly who we are.

Our Core Palette

NC State’s core palette consists of three colors: Wolfpack Red, Wolfpack White and Wolfpack Black. These colors should feature more prominently than any other colors in NC State communications. We are, always, the Red and White of NC State.

Building Sign - Nelson Hall

Wolfpack Red reinforces the brand around campus.

Wolfpack Red

HEX #CC0000
RGB 204 0 0
CMYK 0 100 81 4
PMS 186 C

Wolfpack Black

HEX #000000
RGB 0 0 0
CMYK 0 0 0 100

Wolfpack White

RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0

facts and figures brochure

Using the Core Palette

Even when used sparingly, Wolfpack Red will come across as the dominant color in black-and-white designs.

Accent Grays

In a two-color design, accent grays can be used with Wolfpack Red, White and Black. Here are two-color combinations that work well together.

10% Gray

RGB 242 242 242
CMYK 0 0 0 10

25% Gray

RGB 204 204 204
CMYK 0 0 0 25

60% Gray

HEX #666666
RGB 102 102 102
CMYK 0 0 0 60

90% Gray

HEX #333333
RGB 51 51 51
CMYK 0 0 0 90

Our Expanded Palette

Our expanded palette features six colors that complement each other and, more importantly, complement Wolfpack Red, Black and White.

screengrab of monitor with our colors in commercial

The expanded palette, as seen in the Institutional Message.

Reynolds Red

HEX #990000
RGB 153 0 0
CMYK 0 100 90 20
PMS 7622 C

Pyroman Flame

HEX #D14905
RGB 209 73 5
CMYK 0 55 75 5
PMS 7579 C

Hunt Yellow

RGB 253 215 38
CMYK 0 7 75 0
PMS 128 C

Genomic Green

RGB 125 140 31
CMYK 17 0 98 17
PMS 576 C

Innovation Blue

HEX #427E93
RGB 66 126 147
CMYK 55 0 5 20
PMS 7459 C


HEX #4156A1
RGB 65 86 161
CMYK 85 50 0 5
PMS 7456 C

Do not use white type on Hunt Yellow because there is not enough contrast between the colors to ensure accessibility and legibility. Use black type instead.

When using white type on Genomic Green, make sure that all text is at least 18pt size for roman type or 14pt size for bold type.

If you use colors from the expanded palette, use those colors in the same amounts throughout your website or publication. Keeping secondary colors “equal” ensures that none of them will outshine Wolfpack Red, Black and White.

If you use the expanded palette, use at least two of the colors throughout your website or publication. Varying secondary colors reduces their prominence and keeps them subordinate to Wolfpack Red, Black and White.

Color in Practice

By staying within the boundaries of our palettes and paying attention to a few other factors, you can easily integrate our colors into on-brand communications.

talley interior lobby chairs

Talley Student Union: one of the most colorful places on campus.

Photograph of printed annual report

Using Our Colors

NC State communication is clean and purposeful. It doesn’t distract from the core message with design flourishes. We use color fields at 100% opacity, without gradients or drop shadows.

Downloadable Palettes

We’ve created swatches that take the work out of getting our colors into the Adobe Creative Suite. To use the files, open the Swatches palette in your program and click on the top-right menu.  Select "Open Swatch Library" and then select “Other Library.” Navigate to where the downloaded swatch file is located on your computer.