Editorial Style Guidelines

Following a well-defined editorial style gives your writing a professional sheen and brings it in line with the university’s brand platform.

Park Scholarships

Through the generosity of the Park Foundation, NC State offers full-expense four-year Park Scholarships named for distinguished alumnus Roy H. Park.

PNC Arena

See entry in athletics facilities.


In a deviation from AP style, capitalize when the term precedes a name; lowercase when it follows a name or when used alone.

Professor Lawrence Apple teaches TID 501.
Lawrence Apple, professor emeritus of international programs, teaches TID 501.
John Kessel is a professor of creative writing and American literature.
John Kessel is a Professor of creative writing and American literature.

professorships and scholarships

  • Arthur Fu was a Caldwell Scholar.
  • Clement Markert was named Distinguished University Research Professor.
  • Distinguished University Research Professor Donald Bitzer enjoys windsurfing.
  • Dr. Jay Narayan is the John C.C. Fan Family Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering.


In 2016, the official name of the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor changed to become:

Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

In formal communications, use the office's full title on first reference, and use Office of the Provost in subsequent references. In informal communications, such as conversations or emails with colleagues, Provost’s Office may be used.

Similarly, when referring to the provost by name, use Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Warwick Arden on first reference and Provost Arden in subsequent references. Capitalize the title when used before the provost's name; lowercase after the name (unless in a formal or ceremonial list; see capitalization entry) or when used alone. Do not use the shorthand abbreviation EVCP in either formal or informal communications.

quotation marks

In addition to their use in enclosing quoted matter, quotation marks are also used to enclose the titles of shorter works or works that are part of a larger work. Thus, the title of a book is italicized, and the title of a chapter in that book is set in quotation marks. (This style point differs from AP.) The same holds true for songs on an album, poems in a book of poetry, television episodes that appear as part of a television series, blog posts on a blog, articles in a magazine or journal, and the like.

"Shut the Door, Have a Seat" was one of the most highly rated episodes of the TV show Mad Men.

The study is referenced in the article "Green Tech Goes Global" in the latest issue of U.S. News & World Report.

Chapter 2 of her book, "Building a Legacy," explains how the successful alumna decided to give back to her alma mater.

red and white

NC State's official school colors since 1896. The original school colors were pink and blue, in honor of the two most popular literary societies in the school's early years. Brown and white were used for two years (1894-95) until red and white replaced them in a vote of the student body.

residence hall

University Housing prefers this term rather than dormitory.

Reynolds Coliseum

See entry at athletics facilities.

Shrine Room

The Shrine Room is located in the base of NC State's Belltower. In a long-standing campus tradition, the class rings of graduating seniors spend a night locked in the Shrine Room before being given to their new owners.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

This is the body that grants accreditation to NC State University. On second reference, use SACS.

Stewart Theatre

This performance venue, located on the third floor of Talley Student Union, is operated by University Theatre, a division of Arts NC State. Stewart Theatre seats 759 patrons.

Student Aid Association

This organization provides private financial support for athletics scholarships and facilities at NC State. Its unofficial name is the Wolfpack Club. These two names can be used interchangeably.